HCCA Elects 2019-2020 Board Members; Officers

The following HCCA full members were elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 year: Maria Carl-Rogers (21 Degrees Estate, O`ahu), Gunars Valkirs (Maui Ku`ia, Maui), Dan Corson, (Hamakua Farm, Hawai`i Island), Dylan Butterbaugh, (Manoa Chocolate, O`ahu)Susan Bassett (Mauna Kea Cacao, Hawai`i Island), Ben Field, (Field Nursery, O`ahu), Colin Hart (Hawai`i Island), Will Lydgate (Lydgate Farms, Kauai).   At the April 9th Board  Meeting, officers were elected.

Department Of Agriculture Administrative Rules for Hawaii-Grown Cacao and Hawaiian Chocolate Products

The Governor signed the Administrative Rules for Hawaii-Grown Cacao and Hawaiian Chocolate Products and they have gone into effect as of November 10, 2016. A copy of the rules can be found by clicking here. The rules apply to the use of specific geographic origins, including the state of Hawaii and the individual islands, Oahu, Hawaii Island, Maui, Kauai, and Molokai, in product labeling and advertising.

Kona Coffee Farmers’ Labeling Woes: A Cautionary Tale for Hawaii Cacao Farmers

A recent story that’s making national news, which focuses on the trials and tribulations the Kona coffee industry faces due to labeling issues, caught my attention. Given the obvious parallels to the fledgling cacao industry here in Hawai‘i, the HCCA’s recent win in advocating for Hawaii-grown cacao/chocolate labeling cannot be understated!

2015 HCCA Board Election Results

The 2015 election of HCCA Board Members was conducted during the last week of March.  Only Certified and Full Members are eligible to vote and only Full Members can serve on the Board of Directors.  The results are listed below.  A Board Meeting was held on May 18 when new Officers, other than the President, were elected by the Board.  At the first Board Meeting a new initiative was discussed aimed at bringing more value to the upper levels of membership so that more Friends of HCCA upgrade their memberships and so that more new members are attracted.  Please stay tuned to the HCCA website

Chocolate Conference Coming to Kauai March 13-15

HCCA, The Hawaii Chocolate and Cacao Association, Hawaii's statewide nonprofit industry education and advocacy group, announces their 2015 Annual Conference, to be held on Kauai Friday through Sunday, March 13-15. The educational conference is open to all. For more information and to register, visit the HCCA website,

U.S. Government Teams Up With Private Sector To Stave Off Cocoa Crisis

From NPR Morning Edition March 5, 2015  RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST:

Copyright © 2015 NPR.

To listen to the interview follow this link:

Chocolate is increasingly popular and under assault from diseases that infect cocoa plants. Scientists are working to find varieties that will resist diseases and keep the world's sweet tooth happy.

Is the rise of raw chocolate a safety concern?

This article by Oliver Nieburg in Confectionary was forwarded by Melanie Boudar.

The rising trend for raw chocolate may present a health hazard to consumers unless adequate steps to eliminate Salmonella are taken, says the US National Confectioners Association (NCA).

Read the full article at this link.


The election of the 2014 Board of Directors of HCCA was successfully concluded via the website.  The voting results are available under the Board Election tab.  Seven Board Members were elected to serve a one-year term and Derek Lanter as President will continue to serve the second year of his two-year term for a total of eight Board Members.  Officers other than the President will be selected at the first Board Meeting of the year.   Thanks go out to the Members who voted for participating in the election.  The Board Members for 2014 are listed below.

Heirloom Cacao Project Designations Announced

Submitted by Pam Williams

The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCP) is honored to announce that last night at the Institute for Culinary Education in New York City the following trees producing cacao beans at origin have been designated HEIRLOOM quality and flavor:

** Alto Beni, Bolivia provided by Volker Lehmann of Frontier Ventures Bolivia

** Tranquilidad Estate, Beni, Bolivia provided by Volker Lehmann of Frontier Ventures Bolivia

** Hacienda Limon, Los Rios/Cotopaxi, Ecuador provided by Samuel Von Rutte, ORECAO SA

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