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Hawaii DOA Hearings for Hawaii-grown Cacao and Chocolate Labeling Rules

The Hawaii Department of Agriculture held hearings across the Islands July 1-8 to discuss the proposed labeling rules. HCCA has been working with the DOA on this Hawaii-grown cacao labeling initiative and members provided testimony to support the proposed rules. This was the culmination of a lot of hard work by the association over the past several years. HCCA President Gunars Valkirs attended most of the hearings to provide testimony. A written version can be found here. He emphasized the importance of protecting the future of the Hawaii cacao and chocolate industry. Requiring Hawaiian chocolate to be made from a higher percentage of Hawaiian cacao ensures that Hawaiian cacao growers and chocolate makers have a better opportunity in the marketplace and for product positioning.

What's Next?

Following the hearings, Jeri Kahana, who conducted the hearings for the DOA, will prepare her report which is slated to be reviewed and approved at the August  DOA board meeting.  Upon approval, it will it go to the Governor's office for signature and will then become enforceable.  


The burden of enforcement largely is largely borne by the Hawaii-grown chocolate industry because the DOA needs physical proof to act upon a violation and they do not have enough inspectors to constantly survey products for compliance.  Actual products that are not in compliance with the rules should be identified and sent to the DOA so that they will then investigate.  This also requires that everyone become knowledgeable of the rules and their limits. The rules can be reviewed here. Just as developing the rules was a collaborative effort, enforcement of them will also be a team effort for the Association membership and all growers and chocolate makers in Hawaii. 


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